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+ 8 different sizes from F14 (2000 Nm) up to F60 (250 000 Nm)
1 Integral o-ring to ensure water ingress protection.
2 Namur standard for equipment.
3 Threaded parts for easy assembly of a control panel.

Internal parts

Round rolled used to reduce the friction between yoke arm and pin, minimizing the wear.
Replaceable bearings protect the sliding and rotating parts for dry by lubrication.
PTFE trust bar prevents yoke pin axial movements, transferring power directly to the drive module.
Connects the piston rod with the guide block, compensating for side load deflection and reducing wear on rod, bearings and seals.

Pneumatic cylinder

The inner surface of the cylinder with PTFE coating prevents friction and provides lubricating.
Double sealing with o-ring and dynamic ring prevents metal contact between piston and cyliner.

Springs modules

Safe spring lock module prevents spring module detachment from the drive module.
Internal hydraulic cylinder for manual override.


Actuators BLACKTORQUE ensure long and efficient service with a minimum of maintenance. Design, technology and materials used in their construction provide optimum performance, even in the harshest conditions. Tight body and end caps provide the highest degree of protection against water.

The drive has a central rog responsible for the proper transfer of forces from the Scotch Yoke to the stem. External screws allow fine adjusting of the operating range of an angle of 80° to 100°.

Scotch Yoke actuators are available in many sizes, double or single action, suitable for quarter-turn valves. The actuators are designed for use in a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Symmetric Scotch Yoke opening provides more torque with minimal cost and weight of the drive.

SY actuators are modular type of construction. Pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder may be attached to either side or on both sides simultaneously. BLACKTORQUE drives are the perfect solution for the flow control valve.

Symmetric yoke mechanism. Spring to close - Symmetric yoke mechanism. Spring to open

* spring stroke;
air stroke;
angular position;

Modular versatility

Manual gear override

The manual override is an important solution for valve control. In case of air fails there is always option to operate the actuator / valve manualy. BLACKTORQUE has a few options of the manual gear ovveride. The avalaible options are: Jackscrew in both screw reducer, declutchable, hydraulic override and tank reservoir system.

Hydraulic override

Jackscrew manual override

Declutch gear

Control panel

Pneumatic packages, solenoid valve, limit switch, filters etc. are part of the actuator installation. Having deep knowledge, BLACKTORQUE offers many options of pneumatic or hydraulic control systems.

Passive fire protection

Passive fire protection is a key issue in the safety of hydrocarbon process plants. A full range of customized fire and high temperature proof systems are avalaible: protective jackets, intumescent coating, stainless steel enclosure systems.

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